Leader Member Exchange and Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior: Mediating role of organizational commitment


  • Muhammad zakria, Ahmad Adeel, Iram Arshad


leader member exchange, unethical pro organization, organization commitment, corporate ethical value, organization citizen behavior organizational miss behavior ,vertical dyad linkage


In this Study, an attempt is made to confer on unethical pro organisational conduct the influence of the Leader member exchange under the presence of organisational commitment as mediator and Corporate Ethical value as moderator in Pakistan's private sector organisation. To collect the findings from numerous regional educational institutions presented in the Gujrat district, a survey-based questionnaire was used. This analysis was conducted with the aim of addressing five critical questions comprehensively. First, to what degree does un-ethical behavior apply to leader member exchange? Secondly, to what degree does leader member exchange apply to organization commitment ? Thirdly, to what degree does organization commitment apply to un ethical pro organization behavior ? Fourth, since cooperate ethical value  is often used as a moderator, what is the partnership between leader member exchange and UPB? Fifth how the presence of organisational involvement affects the interaction between leader member exchange and un ethical pro organization behavior. Via a questionnaire-based survey among the workers of the educational institution, the analytical findings were drawn. The data were obtained from 300 team members at multiple hierarchical levels of the organisation. By cross tabulations, informative figures and associations, the data is consequently evaluated. Via multiple linear regression models and commonly used mediation measures, the research hypotheses are analyzed. The research uses SPSS 24.0 for data collection and processing. Study findings indicate that the existence of leader member exchange in workplaces has a major positive influence on the dedication and degree of happiness of workers. A good leader member exchange with workers demonstrates the organization's attachment, but actions can be immoral, bringing damage to the company. Therefore if monitor and keep the organisational ethical value big, and leader can consider the organisation as fair, they endorse beneficial behaviour. The results supplemented by literature help stress that these popular leader member exchange should be promoted inside workers as immoral conduct. These empirical results were focused on senior management in private sector organisations that foster an operational atmosphere to boost engagement, satisfaction and overall performance of the enterprise. It was highly proposed that these types should be used in other relevant sectors and organisational environments for more study. It was also proposed to use factor analyses and other factors to assess the leader-employee interaction utilizing these leadership styles.


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