A Morphosyntactic Analysis of Kalati Brahui Verbs


  • Shazia, Zahid Ali , Gulkhanda, Shahida


Kalai Brahui, Inflections, Morphology, Morphemes, Verbs


Brahui is one of the oldest languages of the sub-continent. Brahui belongs to Dravidian family. Number of local and foreigner writers have worked on Brahui origin, grammar, comparative studies with Balochi. However, there is very less or a separate and detailed work on pure linguistics of Brahui except the works of Bray (1907; 1934), Bashir (1991a & b), Elfenbein (1998), and Andronov (2006). The process of inflectional suffixation in Brahui needs to be explored. This study is about the morphology of Brahui verbs (the process of inflectional suffixation to show the properties of Brahui verbs). The data are collected by the unstructured interviews of Brahui native speakers for getting natural use of Brahui verbs. Thus, the current study attempts to analyze features/properties of Brahui verbs along with investigation of the role of affixation in form and meaning. Using Yules (2010) Morphological Description, the Brahui verb phrases have been analysed in terms of mood, aspect, person, number, tense, etc. Theory is also helpful to analyse inflectional morphemes in Brahui. Towards the end, it is found that Brahui differs from other languages in the use of inflectional morphemes.


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