Analytical Study of the Governance and Politics of PML-Q 2002-2007


  • Khursheed Begum, Muhammad Aslam Faiz, Sohail Akhtar


PML-Q, Politics, Pakistan, Military, Judiciary, etc


The study discusses the General Elections 2002 in which Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q) emerged as majority party with the support of military ruler president Musharraf PML-Q formed government in center and in Punjab. Then it analyzes the performance of PML-Q in terms of governance and politics. Major points of discussion included the politics of PML-Q being a majority party, role of opposition parties, influence of non-elected institutions in state affairs, Baluchistan issue, accountability system, people participation in state affairs, public welfare works, law and order situation, economic development and performance of government in health and education sectors. So, it is clear that during PML-Q government (2002-2007) some development noticed in social and economic sectors but this government completely compromised on democratic norms and facilitated the military general to hijack the whole system of the State as a result political institutions got further weakened. This paper highlights the governance and politics of PML-Q and its impact on Pakistan.


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