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The current prevalence of child sexual abuse worldwide: A systematic review and meta-analysis.


  • Hashim Ali Shah Superior University


Child abuse, Child Neglect , Prevalence, Systematic review , Meta-analysis


  • Abstract

    Objectives Child Abuse is very common issue in world. For identification of CSA either increase or decrease it is necessary to estimates CSA on continuous baseworldwide.

    Aim      aimed to clarify the 1. current occurrence of CSA 2.Taking into account geographical region 3. Type of abuse 4.most common types of abuse

    Methods     In this review included studies published between 2005 and 2014 that stated CSA in boys and girls below 19 years. In this study the random effects meta-analysis and analyzed type of the abuse in different studies are performed.

    We include seven studies of the related concern in which 6 countries (Pakistan, India , Netherland, Ethiopia, Canada and China) were included.While Two studies consist upon Seven countries (Columbia, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Russia and Iceland) and one study conduct through online data collection in which countries are not defined.

    Keywords: Child abuse, Child Neglect , Prevalence,  Systematic review , Meta-analysi


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